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The first is to start devouring books on strategy for the various casino games, or even casino reviews themselves. The second is to start playing and to learn the ropes as you go along. In terms of books that come highly recommended, a good place to start for roulette is with Martin Jensen’s “Secrets of Winning Roulette.” In this reading essential, the so-called “Doctor of Gambling” explains everything from the basics right up to advanced strategies to get that all-important edge http://casinobingonhy.electrico.me over the casino. Ever Wanted to Visit a Casino Without Leaving Home? In general, these include using betting systems like the martingale, in which you double your stake after each losing spin of the wheel — the theory being that you will win your losses back and more sooner or later. Another key strategy is covering as many possible options with as few chips as you can to maximise your chances of winning. For blackjack you probably won’t find better a better instruction manual than “Beat The Dealer” by Edward Thorp. For many http://casinobingorx1.journalnewsnet.com people this is the Bible of how to play the game from the man who invented the Basic Strategy, http://jackpotsxhv.journalwebdir.com an essential piece of knowledge for anyone who is serious about wanting to play as it’s the statistically proven way to decide whether to twist or http://casinobingoosf.intelelectrical.com stick in a game when you’re dealt any given hand. There also a number hard and fast rules that you’ll find it explains, but we’ll leave that to the author to explain. Of course, if you don’t want to get stuck into a lengthy book, there are lots of online guides for players wanting to understand the game. Perhaps the best place to learn is through a guide produced by world-famous gambling author Henry Tamburin Ph.D., which ensures even those that are new to the game are able to learn blackjack while expending http://casinobingobzs.wallarticles.com minimal time and effort.

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